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We give you a competitive advantage through design and implementation of flexible and reliable IT Solutions, Datacenter and Server Room Solutions, Building Systems, Structured Cabling, Network Solutions and Audio Video Solutions as well as Software Development and support.
Mobile integration specialising in leading technologies like Blackberry, Apple iphone, Windows mobile CE, Windows 7 phone, Android and many more.

If you have landed on this page you probably need help with your IT systems. Information Technology and computing is critical to today’s business.
You might have a cousin or someone who can help you when things go wrong but you need to ask yourself : at what cost? I.T is a very specialized field and you should be using people who not only help you out of a glitch or rut but use IT best practices and solutions that help you move forward and soar to new heights, enabling you and empowering your business - not just fixing it when its broken"
Outsourcing is not just for large corporate anymore.
Have you spoken to a professional and found out how the latest technologies available can make your business process easier, smoother, or generate more income with online marketing?
If not... speak to us!
This is Jozitechs Mission:
To use information Technology to make your business process easier and faster, save you money, streamline processes and make you profits!
Technology also enables smaller companies to compete with larger competitors.
We design IT systems that are proactive
IT management services proactively monitor your environment and alert you before your systems go down.
Why outsource IT? Ask yourself: "what is your core business?" What area are you positioning your business and specializing in ?Is it IT? No?
Focus on your business core and leave I.T to us!
This is what we do. You do not have to outsource your entire IT systems, perhaps only some aspects. A typical model business will call someone out when something goes wrong, so you are always waiting for the next problem to resolve and then fixing it, but this is a very passive stance and damages your business, and costs you money and your most valuable asset : Time.
You get what you pay for. Old fashioned practices cost you money and time. 
We provide IT solutions that are designed to make life easier.
For that is the purpose of Information technology. You might think that a small company does not need an IT company or outsource their IT needs? 
We say: "As soon as you have a business, no matter the size, you should have professional assistance with your IT needs.
Your IT systems can be dramatically enhanced by simply implementing a very easy approach that has proven to work for large corporations all over the world. It has Phenomenally improved business for all of our clients.
 1. Standardisation -standardize your environment and stick to 1 supplier that can be held accountable and let them specialize in your needs.
2. Control - control your environment as you would your business - you would not let your staff and clients open the boxes of your stock and touch everything they feel fit when they wanted - no you control what is yours and thereby save money time and costs.
3. Automation- remove human error and automate as much as you can - this will save you money reduce costs of unnecessary IT failures.
4. Save - do not spend money where you do not need to e.g. Save on paying for new systems if you don't have to!
5. Evolve- the world of technology is ever changing - simply stick with the times and always be getting better.

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